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Core Data Model
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type Core Data Model
label MUG- BII

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(Address line 1)
Address line 2
Allowance or charge ammount
Allowance or charge reason
Allowance or charge reason code
Amount due for payment
Attached binary object
Buyer accounting string
Buyer elecronic address identifier
Buyer identifier
Buyer legal registration identifier
Buyer name
Buyer reference identifier
Buyer VAT identifier
Contact email number
Contact fax number
Contact person name
Contact telephone number
Contact type
Contacting details
Contract identifier
Contract type code
Country code
County subdivision
Customization identifier
Delivered to location identifier
End date
Financial account identifier
Financial institution
Financial institution branch identifier
Financial institution identifier
Invoice currency code
Invoice Identifier
Invoice issue date
Invoice line net amount
Invoice Line note
Invoice line VAT amount
Invoice line VAT category code
Invoice line VAT rate
Invoice note
Invoice period end date
Invoice period start date
Invoice quantity
Invoice total amount including VAT
Invoice total amount without VAT
Invoice total VAT amount
Invoice type code
Item attribute Name
Item attribute Value
Item commodity classification code
Item country or login
Item CPV classification code
Item list price
Item name
Item price
Item price base quantity
Item price discount
Item standard identifier
Message transaction identifier
Paid amount
Payee identifier
Payee legal registration identifier
Payee name
Payment card primary account number
Payment card type
Payment due date
Payment means type code
Payment terms
Post code
Postal Address
Profile identifier
Quantity Unit of measure
Referenced Document description
Referenced Document identifier
Referenced order identifier
Referenced order line identifier
Rounding of invoice total including VAT
Seller electronic address identifier
Seller identifier
Seller legal registration identifier
Seller legal registration name
Seller name
Seller payment identifier
Seller tax registration status
Seller tax representative
Seller tax representative name
Seller tax representative VAT identifier
Seller VAT identifier
Start date
Sum of allowances on document level
Sum of charges on document level
Sum of line amounts
Tax point date
VAT category code
VAT category percentage
VAT category tax amount
VAT category taxable amount
VAT exemption reason text